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How the CUBE Can Improve Your Trucking Logistics

Posted by Hedwin on October 31, 2018

Improving trucking logistics offers beneficial results for your business. Streamlining your packaging methods can significantly reduce packaging, storage, and transportation costs. The CUBITAINER® improves function and flexibility, delivering value for the products you ship—especially at a time when trucking capacity is at a premium. Read on to learn how our CUBE® lightweight packaging enhances your trucking logistics, helping you save.

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Flexible Packaging for Medical & Pharma Applications

Posted by Hedwin on August 1, 2018

Flexible packaging is a term that encompasses any packaging solution that can be shaped to fit the product contained within it. This covers a wide range of packaging solutions, such as flexible film packaging, flexible plastic packaging, and bag in a box packaging products.

Versatility, customizability, resource efficiency, and sustainability are only a few of the advantages that flexible packaging solutions offer over other packaging methods. Because of these advantages, an increasing number of manufacturers across the medical and pharmaceutical sectors have begun realizing the benefits of flexible packaging solutions.

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4 Trends in Industrial Packaging

Posted by Hedwin on July 18, 2018

By 2020, the world market for industrial packaging will exceed $60 billion. Chemicals, pharmaceuticals, lubricants, bulk food and beverages, and building and construction will continue to account for much of the growth in the industrial packaging sector.

There are four trends in industrial packaging that will influence much of the market’s growth in the next few years. These trends include:

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Topics: Cubitainer, Packaging Solutions, eco-friendly packaging, trends