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Flexible Packaging for Medical & Pharma Applications

Posted by Hedwin on August 1, 2018

Flexible packaging is a term that encompasses any packaging solution that can be shaped to fit the product contained within it. This covers a wide range of packaging solutions, such as flexible film packaging, flexible plastic packaging, and bag in a box packaging products.

Versatility, customizability, resource efficiency, and sustainability are only a few of the advantages that flexible packaging solutions offer over other packaging methods. Because of these advantages, an increasing number of manufacturers across the medical and pharmaceutical sectors have begun realizing the benefits of flexible packaging solutions.

Common Packaging Pain Points for Medical & Pharma

The packaging process in the medical and pharmaceutical industries is all too often an afterthought. In some cases, packaging design for medical supplies and pharmaceuticals only occurs near the end of the initial manufacturing process. Thus, rush orders and package design may end up costing manufacturers more as they attempt a quick entry into the market.

These higher packaging costs gets passed on to consumers in the form of more expensive medicines and devices. In the wake of growing competition and a consumer demand for more affordable medicine and healthcare products, manufacturers might find that highly-priced products sell poorly. As a factor that can be controlled directly by the manufacturer, it is imperative for packaging solutions to be economical and competitively-priced. Ultimately, flexible packaging leads to lower production costs and better competitiveness in the pharma market.

Flexible Packaging Solutions/Options

The Hedwin Division of Zacros America offers flexible packaging solutions suitable for the unique demands of the medical and pharmaceutical industries. Our solutions include:

  • Medical Solution Bags:  The ZACROS Group has two plants in Japan completely dedicated to the manufacture of flexible bags for pharmaceuticals. With a variety of functional films available, including our NI-series of “glass-replacing” films, we can customize bags to meet the needs of even the most sensitive of products, making them safer and easier to use. By choosing a medical bag or pouch over conventional packaging, you are choosing convenience, cost-effectiveness, and safety.
  • CUBITAINER®:  The CUBITAINER® is a rugged flexible bladder that can be fully emptied, and is highly customizable. CUBITAINER® is available in 5L, 10L, and 20L sizes and in two different formats – Knocked-Down and Assembled – based on the operational needs of the customer and their particular operation. Cartons are available with an array of function and style options, including customized printing. The CUBITAINER® is ideal for medical and pharmaceutical applications due to its superior cleanliness, ruggedness, and total quality control during the manufacturing process.


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Hedwin has been a trusted flexible packaging partner for more than 70 years, and we possess a unique expertise in the medical and pharmaceutical sectors. Not only do we offer the best packaging solutions for your business, we also have a dedicated team of people working around the clock to support your flexible packaging needs.

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