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3 Industries Leveraging Eco-Friendly Packaging

Posted by Hedwin on July 17, 2017

Finding environmentally-friendly packaging solutions can be difficult if you don’t know where to start or what exactly to look for to meet the needs of your specific application.

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Pairing with an experienced manufacturer specializing in eco-friendly, sustainable packaging options will help ensure you get the highest-quality products at the best possible price.

At Hedwin, we offer several environmentally-friendly packaging options for a wide range of industries and applications.

Below, we’ll explore how three very different companies make use of Hedwin packaging.

Companies Utilizing Cubitainer® Packaging Solutions

Pioneer Athletics — Eco-Friendly Packaging for Eco-Friendly Paint

If you’ve ever played or watched outdoor sports, you’ve likely noticed paint lines on athletic fields. Pioneer Athletics offers an environmentally-friendly, EPA-recognized athletic-field paint as a safer alternative to aerosol. Awarded for prestigious design in environmental designation, Pioneer Athletics StarLiner uses Cubitainer® products to allow for easy paint application and storage.

StarLiner from Pioneer Athletics on Vimeo.

This video shows how the Cubitainer® safely holds paint, easily attaches to the StarLiner, and evenly distributes the paint. Adhering to stringent processing methods, this storage product is completely recyclable thanks to its unique blend of linear-low and low-density polyethylene.

Gekkeikan Sake — Sake Storage to Ensure Freshness

Keeping products fresh and sanitary is paramount in the food and beverage industry; in addition to adhering to stringent environmental regulations, eco-friendly food packaging must also safeguard human safety and health. Gekkeikan Sake uses the Cubitainer® to ensure optimal sake freshness.

This video shows Gekkeikan’s new filling line utilizing the 5-gallon Cubitainer® to fill 18 liters of sake. To ensure easy handling and positioning, Hedwin modified the neck ring around the opening of the Cubitainer® insert from a scalloped-edge design to a solid concentric circle.

This BPA-free, FDA-compliant container provides superior food safety compared to open-head pails. Gekkeikan is now able to store and ship more product in less space, saving on distribution and storage costs.

SIMALFA — Water-Based Adhesive Storage

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Storing green alternatives to adhesives can be tricky, since the container being used to store these products must also be environmentally friendly.

SIMALFA, a single-component adhesive that allows for nonhazardous, environmentally safe bonding, makes use of Hedwin’s CUBE® for safe, efficient storage.

SIMALFA’s foam adhesive products utilize the CUBE® to store water-based adhesives in bulk, which can then be easily transported. Besides providing an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional containers, this versatile storage solution also allows for more efficient production and boosted productivity.

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Contact us today to learn more about our eco-friendly packaging materials and containers or discuss how Hedwin’s green packaging solutions can help keep your products secure. You can also learn more about the CUBE® in our free guide, The Benefits of CUBITAINER®.


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