Effectively Utilizing Recyclable Liquid Packaging Products

Posted by Hedwin on January 11, 2017

When you run a facility where liquid processing is part of your everyday routine, you want to ensure that your liquid packaging solutions are recyclable. Recyclability encompasses cost-effectiveness, as the need for expensive product replacement shrinks with the use of low-cost disposables in tandem with your semi-permanent containers.  Environmental friendliness ensues, since the durable container can be utilized more than once and your disposable is constructed of an easily-recycled material.

cubitainerworkflow.pngFortunately, Hedwin liquid packaging solutions are among the most recyclable and durable you’ll find, and our products can be found in industries ranging from medical and pharmaceutical to food and beverage. As a leading expert in liquid packaging for 70 years, we hope to share some of our wisdom by encouraging you to use recyclable packaging materials.

What to Look For

Key traits for environmentally friendly packaging materials include:

  • Toughness - Tougher materials reduce product damage and therefore lessen waste. More durable materials also allow for the delivery of smaller, oftentimes more convenient packages, with optimal protection.
  • Lightness - Lighter packaging materials are efficient in terms of transportation and distribution. When your packaging is heavy, transportation and distribution costs go up. Additionally, reducing the weight of materials leads to a healthier environment overall because we lessen our impact.
  • Recyclability - Recyclable materials are ideal because you avoid sacrificing quality. You can reuse any material while still achieving the level of quality you and your customers have grown accustomed to. An efficient recycling process also boosts production, which increases profit; reduces costs, which likewise benefits your bottom line; and alleviates your impact on the environment.
  • Processability - Faster processing increases productivity while cutting down on waste, energy, labor, and material costs.

Sustainable Packaging Practices

  • Recycling Materials - Paperboard, cardboard, and plastics can all be reconstructed to create new items. In fact, Hedwin utilizes high-density polyethylene (HDPE), low-density polyethylene (LDPE), and linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) in our product lines, such as HEDLINER® Drum Liners, PAYLINER® Pail Liners, and WINLINER® Film Pail & Drum Liners.
  • cubitainer.jpgPackaging in a Sustainable Way - Increasingly popular with consumers, custom packaging can preserve space, size, and materials. For decades, Hedwin has been encouraging sustainable packaging with the CUBITAINER®.
  • Innovation - Substitutions can be made to be more environmentally friendly and achieve greater recyclability in your facility. For example, inks can be made from food or milk proteins instead of from harsh chemicals.

Hedwin Division of Zacros America

Hedwin promotes product lines that are known for their environmental friendliness and sustainability. The best example may be the CUBITAINER®, which is engineered for safety, efficiency, and value. Other benefits include:

  • Energy and Cost Efficiency
  • Lower Shipping Fees
  • Lower Disposal Costs
  • Lower Space Requirement
  • Safe & Fast Transportation
  • Tough & Durable Materials
  • Collapsible
  • Flexibility for any Application

To learn more about our most popular product line, download the CUBITAINER® presentation today.

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