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4 Trends in Industrial Packaging

Posted by Hedwin on July 18, 2018

By 2020, the world market for industrial packaging will exceed $60 billion. Chemicals, pharmaceuticals, lubricants, bulk food and beverages, and building and construction will continue to account for much of the growth in the industrial packaging sector.

There are four trends in industrial packaging that will influence much of the market’s growth in the next few years. These trends include:

Flexible Container Packaging

Flexible packaging remains a popular option among manufacturers. As technological advances lead to packaging shapes that can optimally fit in limited cargo spaces without compromising safety and protection, expect an uptick in the demand for flexible container packaging .

At the same time, research and development (R&D) efforts are producing innovative materials that offer the same or better performance, without necessarily increasing the amount of raw material required to create the packaging. Custom branding, convenience, and sustainability are all reasons for the growing interest in flexible container packaging.

Reduce Reuse Recycle

reduce reuse recycleOur current throw-away society is giving way to a culture where waste reduction is a priority, and this growing environmental awareness is rubbing off on the packaging industry. Packaging R&D efforts are now focused on reducing waste, including a reduction in raw material usage.

The packaging industry has always devoted most of its attention to extending the freshness of food products available on store shelves, preserving the long-term efficacy of ingredients, and ensuring safe delivery to consumers. Now packaging manufacturers are focused on meeting those goals sustainably. Recyclable materials are widely used, and package recycling is common. As a result, packaging manufacturers and their customers have a smaller carbon footprint while contributing to a cleaner environment with reduced air and water pollution.

Product Safety

Due to advances in packaging technology and manufacturing processes, product packaging has become safer than ever before. Product contamination is rare—an especially welcome development for food and beverage manufacturers, who risk severe brand damage and financial consequences when products are contaminated with bacteria or other foreign material.

In addition, pharmaceuticals can be packaged and transported over long distances without fear of contamination. Potentially dangerous substances are now packaged in ways that significantly decrease any risk of accidentally releasing them and harming people along the way.

E-Commerce Packaging Design

As e-commerce demand grows worldwide, packaging designers are coming up with ways to make e-commerce shopping more convenient for all stakeholders. Packaging used in e-commerce now increasingly reflects widespread consumer expectations. Clean design and minimalism are the norm. At a glance, consumers know that they are getting the goods they have already paid for.  This trend is expected to continue as online shopping continues to grow.

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