TOPLINER®: Ideal for Two Components in One Container

Posted by Hedwin on December 20, 2016

Innovation is a staple of Hedwin Division of Zacros America (HDZA) products.

Our expertise in sustainable packaging solutions enables us to serve industries ranging from pharmaceuticals to sanitation to disaster relief. And the list goes on.

The reason our Plastic Liner products are an excellent fit for so many industries is because they offer endless benefits in terms of cost savings, product protection and waste reduction. Furthermore, our products are designed to reduce environmental impact and accommodate the unique requirements of in-plant use. Our Plastic Liner products include:

Our TOPLINER® products allow for the shipment of two entirely distinct components in one container, allowing you to cut shipping costs and negative environmental impact from superfluous transportation.

Product Details: TOPLINER® Pail Divider

PLB1608 - Topliner Tray-1.jpgDesigned for dependable support, TOPLINER® pail divider products are ideal for two materials that need to be shipped or stored together while remaining physically separate. With TOPLINER®, you can separate powders, liquids, pastes, or even solid objects from other contents of the same pail. Since this is done within a single container, you save on shipping, warehousing, and disposal costs, all while adding to the convenience of your end user. 

Each TOPLINER® product is made of a durable high-density polyethylene blend.  The divider has a molded lip which fits snugly and completely over the top chime of any standard pail, supporting it within. The TOPLINER® partitions your pail into a top and bottom section, providing a rigid polyethylene barrier between the two distinct compartments. TOPLINER® products can comfortably support about 15 pounds of weight, and a narrow profile allows for use of most pail lids while the divider is inserted into the pail.  

All TOPLINER® products are made from our own internally-produced sheeting to ensure the highest possible quality standards throughout every step of the manufacturing process. The entire patented process assures uniformity and strength. In fact, our field defect on this product line has been near zero for many years, so your confidence in the durability and usefulness of TOPLINER® products can be absolute.

Product Details: TOPLINER® Cradle

PLB1193 - Topliner Cradle-1.jpg

TOPLINER® products are available in two profiles: tray and cradle style.  Each profile is available in various sizes and dimensions for relevance in myriad applications. Tray style TOPLINER® products are flat-bottomed dividers which offer maximum versatility in terms of content separation. Essentially, a tray–style divider gives you a pail within a pail. You can put a liquid in the bottom and a bag of powder with an instruction sheet in the top, paint in the bottom and brushes on top, and so on. The possibilities are endless.   

Cradle-style TOPLINERS® are intended to assist with products stored in metal cans. With this expertly engineered design, a gallon can rest on its side, or a half-gallon can stand upright within the plastic divider. The cradle design secures the can, so there is no rolling around or shifting of weight; the can is held snugly in the top of the pail while other contents remain separate below. This profile is most often used by manufacturers of two-part epoxies and similar products where on-site mixing is necessitated by the chemical properties of components.

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