Our Product Philosophy: Serving Your Bottom Line, Promoting Sustainability

Posted by Hedwin on December 8, 2016

At the Hedwin Division of Zacros America, we focus not only on improving our customers’ bottom lines but also on promoting environmental consciousness.

All of our products provide the highest-quality liquid packaging solutions available while ensuring sustainability.

We’ve created a matrix system to illustrate the environmental and cost benefits of our most popular product, the CUBITAINER®. If you’ve visited our site or looked through our product presentation, you’re probably familiar with the benefits of the CUBITAINER® — its durability, ease of use, cleanliness, and flexibility for any application. Below, we’ve outlined how these features not only benefit your bottom line but also help the environment.

Product Feature: Lighter in weight

cubitainer.pngEnvironmental Benefit: Less production, less energy to recycle.

Cost Benefit: Lower material costs, lower transportation costs. Lighter materials don’t require as much original material to produce. They also weigh less, allowing for easier and less expensive transportation.

Product Feature: Collapsible

Environmental Benefit: Less space in recycling facilities. By employing knocked-down CUBITAINERS®, your empty packaging can fit into one-eighth of the space you would normally use with pails. The flexible low-density polyethylene (LDPE) material allows for collapsibility since it’s less rigid than its high-density counterpart.

Cost Benefit: Lower storage costs, handling costs, and transport costs. Smaller products — or products that offer high space capacity but can collapse to take up less room — offer greater space for storage of other materials, and, like the lightweight feature, allow for less expensive transportation.

Product Feature: Disposable

Environmental Benefit: Obviates the need for harsh cleaning chemicals needed to reuse a container. This reduces the negative impact on the environment caused by container maintenance.

Cost Benefit: Lower product costs compared to replacing more permanent containers.

Product Feature: Closed-loop production

DSC_0127_-_small.jpgEnvironmental Benefit: Reduces reliance on virgin resin production. Environmental impact is greatly reduced when a company is able to recycle materials rather than exploit virgin resins. Recycling resin materials also allows for limited production, thereby further benefiting the environment.

Cost Benefit: Lower product costs, reduced risk of contamination. Contamination requires remedial maintenance, resulting in added costs and increased downtime.


Committed to quality and sustainability, we at Hedwin are proud of our legacy of expertise in liquid packaging solutions.

To see the entire matrix and learn more about the CUBITAINER®, download the product presentation today.

Download the Cubitainer Presentation

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