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How the CUBE Can Improve Your Trucking Logistics

Posted by Hedwin on October 31, 2018

Improving trucking logistics offers beneficial results for your business. Streamlining your packaging methods can significantly reduce packaging, storage, and transportation costs. The CUBITAINER® improves function and flexibility, delivering value for the products you ship—especially at a time when trucking capacity is at a premium. Read on to learn how our CUBE® lightweight packaging enhances your trucking logistics, helping you save.

How the CUBE® Improves Trucking Logistics

trucking logisticsFlexible packaging is the hallmark of easy shipping. The CUBE® is a durable, lightweight packaging solution composed of a semi-rigid plastic bladder combined with a corrugated carton that creates a robust, shatter-proof package, complete with UN markings when required.

Two types of CUBITAINER® are available:

  • Knocked-down (KD) CUBITAINER® bladders are deflated and stacked, saving space to minimize shipping costs. Inflate the KD CUBE® before filling and insert into the outer carton before shipping, depending on the needs of your application.
  • The Assembled CUBITAINER® features an inflated and capped CUBE® already placed within the corrugated outer carton. The Assembled CUBE® is ready for filling upon receipt, adding convenience while increasing time and labor savings.

The CUBE® delivers cost-saving advantages over more traditional storage, transport, and dispensing alternatives for liquids, as well as viscous and granular materials. The key advantages include:

  • CUBE®’s light weight packaging material reduces shipping weights, saving fuel and lowering overall transportation costs. With less material, CUBE® also requires less energy consumption in production and recycling.
  • CUBE®’s flexible packaging options generate dramatic space and freight savings. The collapsible, stackable empty containers save space in trucks, helping you maximize available space for more efficient shipping and reduce dimensional weight costs. In addition, less space is required to store CUBE® flexible packaging, freeing up facility space for other critical uses. The collapsible design also works to cut handling costs.
  • CUBE® is disposable, eliminating the need for the cleaning chemicals required when reusing containers. Compared to replacing more permanent containers, CUBE® offers lower product costs. CUBE® is also recyclable, helping your business keep materials out of landfills and limit your environmental impact.
  • CUBE® features closed-loop production, reducing reliance on virgin resin production to lower product costs while limiting contamination risks.

Compared to traditional packaging products – such as rigid open head and blow-molded tight head pails or bag-in-box containers – the CUBITAINER® offers better material protection, easier filling, superior durability, and reduced waste.

CUBE®’s flexible packaging options enhance trucking logistics in multiple ways. This lightweight packaging solution makes for easier storage and handling, while reducing fuel consumption and shipping costs. Customization is available as well, with countless product configurations available to suit your operation’s packaging needs.

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