The Consequences of Sacrificing Quality for Low Costs

Posted by Hedwin on February 6, 2017

We’ve all heard the horror stories: To keep costs down, procurement managers order the cheapest liquid packaging solutions, and a short while later, materials need to be replaced.

cubitainer-ne.pngIn industries that rely on liquid packaging solutions, experienced manufacturers understand that packaging products which guarantee durability and reliable results are ultimately a more cost-effective option, as long-term benefits easily outweigh the higher upfront costs.

When choosing packaging products for your unique application, it’s important to understand the potential ramifications of sacrificing quality for low prices.

The Dangers of Cutting Costs

Choosing a cheaper package may seem like the best (and most obvious) option when trying to keep costs down, but purchasing a poor-quality product only creates savings in the short term, as you’ll eventually be facing steep replacement, containment and clean-up costs.

With a low-cost package, you run the risk of sacrificing your company’s reputation and customer loyalty if it handles poorly. At HDZA, we strive to provide our customers with the highest-quality, most reliable products. Everything we manufacture undergoes rigorous quality assurance tests, and we always invite clients to offer feedback so that we can continue to improve our processes.

Instead of choosing a packaging solution based on price alone, take the time to explore the long-term benefits of other materials. Sacrificing quality for low costs will ultimately increase monetary loss, the rate of equipment replacement, the need for cleaning, and product waste.

How HDZA Maintains Quality and Cost Effectiveness

We’ll be the first to admit it: Our products are priced slightly higher than our competitors, and for good reason. Here’s why:

  • Our manufacturing processes are time-tested, patented, and strictly proprietary.  No one else can produce seals and seams as durable those on our products.
  • To maintain our high levels of quality, we have a number of quality checks in place throughout the manufacturing process. Our rigorous Total Quality Manual acts as the standard for everything that occurs on our production floor.
  • Our in-house lab performs ongoing checks and reviews to ensure that our packaging products meet all relevant requirements and offer the best possible protection on the market.
  • We manufacture all of our own tools and dies.
  • We employ a highly trained staff of experts in our unique production processes, ensuring quick, efficient repairs and obviating the need to outsource repair and maintenance functions.

The Advantages of CUBITAINER®

cubitainer.jpgCUBITAINER® offers unparalleled value, durability and performance when you need it most. It is easy to fill, handle, and empty, with complete evacuation. With hundreds of options across size, shape, accessories, assembly, post-production treatments and resin blends, CUBITAINER® is applicable to almost any liquid packaging need. Our inert LDPE and LLDPE resin blends are custom-formulated to ensure durability and long-lasting compatibility with a wide spectrum of materials. 

To learn more about CUBITAINER® and other durable liquid packaging solutions from HDZA, visit our products page today.

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