Common Liquid Packaging Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Posted by Hedwin on February 9, 2017

The field of liquid packaging solutions is constantly evolving.

No matter how ideal a solution may seem, there are undoubtedly areas in which it could be improved.


The design of liquid packaging solutions encompasses a tremendous number of factors, each of which adds to the difficulty of achieving perfection. The process starts with the type of liquid being packaged; this can range from food and beverages to paint, ink, cleaning chemicals, and medical and pharmaceutical liquids, all of which have their own packaging requirements.

Add to this the liquid manufacturer’s concerns of safety, reliability, and performance, and the consumer’s concerns of usability, convenience, recyclability, and environmental friendless, and liquid packaging designers have quite a complex problem to solve.

Liquid Packaging Mistakes

There are a number of common mistakes in liquid packaging solutions, although some of them are fairly standard features that might not be recognized as errors.

For instance, there is a high reliance on rigid packaging for liquid goods – materials like glass, hard plastic, and lined cardboard cartons. While many of these methods are suitable at the consumer level, they function poorly in industrial-level transportation scenarios and larger-volume consumer applications.

Another common misstep is using low-quality spouts. Because better spouts can be complex and expensive to manufacture, lower cost alternatives are often attractive. However; settling for lower cost – and therefore lower quality – spouts can lead to considerable product loss from leaks and breaks, as well as poor consumer experiences.

Solutions from Hedwin

Hedwin has been a leading force in the packaging industry for over 70 years. Among our pioneering liquid packaging products are the CUBITAINER® and HEDLINER® families.

cubitainer.pngThe CUBITAINER® is a truly revolutionary product. Essentially a CUBE® shaped pouch, it’s made of flexible but resilient LDPE material, providing both strength and collapsibility. Designed to maximize storage and transportation space, the CUBITAINER® saves users a great deal on costs and can include a corrugated fiberboard overpack customizable to their brand,.

Hedliner Fiber Drum with Pleats.pngThe HEDLINER® family of products is a line of high quality industrial drum liners. Made from a blend of LDPE and linear LDPE (LLDPE), HEDLINER® drum liners are manufactured with strong, sturdy, and seamless construction. Easy to grip, insert, and remove, HEDLINER® products are safe, resistant to stress and flex cracking, and resilient in both storage and transportation scenarios. Using HEDLINER® products will eliminate drum cleaning costs and drastically extend the life of your drums.

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