Tips for Choosing the Right Plastic Liner

Posted by Hedwin on November 21, 2016

Liner Group Picture.jpgAny facility manager who prioritizes product protection, waste reduction, and cost-effectiveness understands the critical importance of selecting the plastic liner that can accomplish all of the above. Hedwin liners have the capacity to serve as an integral part of a shipping container, in-plant product storage system, or waste management method.

Select Qualities to Target in a Plastic Liner:

  • Container Preservation - Hedwin Liners, or disposable inserts which are placed in semi-permanent containers, can be easily removed after use, allowing them to effectively protect and contribute to the longevity of the original container. Because you don’t need to always clean old or buy new containers, liners offer significant and continued cost savings to your facility.
  • Increased Efficiency - Liners greatly reduce environmental impact. Additionally, each is designed to achieve optimal efficiency for its specific application. Because they work with existing material handling systems, streamlining disposal and changeover, there is less downtime. This ensures continued if not increased productivity at your site.
  • Strength - In terms of the strength of a liner, maximum strength is ideal. The best liners are those with a high chemical resistance and, likewise, a high weight-to-strength ratio. Other potential threats to a liner that yours should be able to withstand include moisture transmission and acidity.
  • Ideal Container Fit - Liners can be varied by wall thickness, diameter, length, and chime (lip) fit to allow for coordination with all types and sizes of pails and drums. Material properties should also be considered, such as anti-static or static-dissipative ability when using steel pails or drums. Note that reconditioned drums are often shorter in height than new drums, so a liner with pleats is recommended to accommodate any differences.
  • Ease of Use - Liners should be easy to remove from packaging, fit quickly and snugly into the semi-permanent container and stand up the rigors of material handling. Hedwin liners have material concentrated in the bottoms to ensure leak-free containment.

Types of Plastic Liner:

  • Low-density polyethylene (LDPE) semi-rigid liners - LDPE is a versatile material, offering a wide range of material compatibility and lower price point. Larger (drum) liners are often formed using LDPE.
  • High density polyethylene (HDPE ) rigid liners - These are true drop-in liners - stiffer, stronger, and more impervious to chemical and light interference.
  • LDPE film liners - These bag-type liners are non-rigid and pliable. They can be made with round bottoms to fit tightly in the bottom of the drum, or formed with a flat bottom seam for cost savings. Film liners are ideal when contents need to be fully sealed after processing.  
  • Polypropylene liners - Offer a higher temperature threshold than polyethylene for hot fill applications.

Hedwin Liners:

  • Winliner Detail.jpgWINLINER® - Our round-bottom film pail & drum Liners are ideal for achieving a perfect fit. We construct this product with LDPE cylindrical film and use a proprietary process to seal a circular disc on the bottom. Benefits to the WINLINER® include:
    • Product Versatility - wet or dry, low or high viscosity
    • Virtually Nonexistent Room for Error - eliminates folds and wrinkles that can trap content; removes air pockets that contribute to fatigue and failure; proprietary process ensures uniformity and seam seal strength
    • Options Available - We produce the sheeting and film to ensure the highest quality standards throughout the entire manufacturing process. Higher density construction options are available, as are Anti-Static, Static-Dissipative, and Conductive Liners
  • Hedliner Fiber Drum with Pleats.pngHEDLINER® - These Drum Liners allow for frequent reuse of drums and essentially zero need for drum disposal. They also contribute to a decreased need for cleaning or reconditioning, which saves costs and avoids treating drums with damaging chemicals. Other advantages include:
    • Safe, Reliable Transport & Storage - Because of the seamless and sturdy construction by HDZA, HEDLINER® has a strong, stable grip that allows for risk-free transportation and storage
    • Material Benefits - A blend of low-density and linear low-density polyethylene (LDPE and LLDPE, respectively), the drums liners are more resistant to stress-cracking and flex crazing.
    • Options Available - Pleats can accommodate variations in height found on reconditioned drums. Anti-Static, Static-Dissipative, and Conductive Liners are also available. The HEDLINER® comes in two liner styles and serves a variety of applications, in a range of industries.

Hedwin also manufactures the PAYLINER®pail liner and TOPLINER® pail divider products. To learn more about any of our products described above, download our Liner Presentation today.

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