Common Liquid Packaging Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Posted by Hedwin on February 9, 2017

The field of liquid packaging solutions is constantly evolving.

No matter how ideal a solution may seem, there are undoubtedly areas in which it could be improved.

The design of liquid packaging solutions encompasses a tremendous number of factors, each of which adds to the difficulty of achieving perfection. The process starts with the type of liquid being packaged; this can range from food and beverages to paint, ink, cleaning chemicals, and medical and pharmaceutical liquids, all of which have their own packaging requirements.

Add to this the liquid manufacturer’s concerns of safety, reliability, and performance, and the consumer’s concerns of usability, convenience, recyclability, and environmental friendless, and liquid packaging designers have quite a complex problem to solve.

Liquid Packaging Mistakes

There are a number of common mistakes in liquid packaging solutions, although some of them are fairly standard features that might not be recognized as errors.

For instance, there is a high reliance on rigid packaging for liquid goods – materials like glass, hard plastic, and lined cardboard cartons. While many of these methods are suitable at the consumer level, they function poorly in industrial-level transportation scenarios and larger-volume consumer applications.

Another common misstep is using low-quality spouts. Because better spouts can be complex and expensive to manufacture, lower cost alternatives are often attractive. However; settling for lower cost – and therefore lower quality – spouts can lead to considerable product loss from leaks and breaks, as well as poor consumer experiences.

Solutions from Hedwin

Hedwin has been a leading force in the packaging industry for over 70 years. Among our pioneering liquid packaging products are the CUBITAINER® and HEDLINER® families.

The CUBITAINER® is a truly revolutionary product. Essentially a CUBE® shaped pouch, it’s made of flexible but resilient LDPE material, providing both strength and collapsibility. Designed to maximize storage and transportation space, the CUBITAINER® saves users a great deal on costs and can include a corrugated fiberboard overpack customizable to their brand,.

The HEDLINER® family of products is a line of high quality industrial drum liners. Made from a blend of LDPE and linear LDPE (LLDPE), HEDLINER® drum liners are manufactured with strong, sturdy, and seamless construction. Easy to grip, insert, and remove, HEDLINER® products are safe, resistant to stress and flex cracking, and resilient in both storage and transportation scenarios. Using HEDLINER® products will eliminate drum cleaning costs and drastically extend the life of your drums.

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Interested in learning more? You have several options:

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  • Click here to learn more about the other liquid packaging solutions we offer.

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The Consequences of Sacrificing Quality for Low Costs

Posted by Hedwin on February 6, 2017

We’ve all heard the horror stories: To keep costs down, procurement managers order the cheapest liquid packaging solutions, and a short while later, materials need to be replaced.

In industries that rely on liquid packaging solutions, experienced manufacturers understand that packaging products which guarantee durability and reliable results are ultimately a more cost-effective option, as long-term benefits easily outweigh the higher upfront costs.

When choosing packaging products for your unique application, it’s important to understand the potential ramifications of sacrificing quality for low prices.

The Dangers of Cutting Costs

Choosing a cheaper package may seem like the best (and most obvious) option when trying to keep costs down, but purchasing a poor-quality product only creates savings in the short term, as you’ll eventually be facing steep replacement, containment and clean-up costs.

With a low-cost package, you run the risk of sacrificing your company’s reputation and customer loyalty if it handles poorly. At HDZA, we strive to provide our customers with the highest-quality, most reliable products. Everything we manufacture undergoes rigorous quality assurance tests, and we always invite clients to offer feedback so that we can continue to improve our processes.

Instead of choosing a packaging solution based on price alone, take the time to explore the long-term benefits of other materials. Sacrificing quality for low costs will ultimately increase monetary loss, the rate of equipment replacement, the need for cleaning, and product waste.

How HDZA Maintains Quality and Cost Effectiveness

We’ll be the first to admit it: Our products are priced slightly higher than our competitors, and for good reason. Here’s why:

  • Our manufacturing processes are time-tested, patented, and strictly proprietary.  No one else can produce seals and seams as durable those on our products.
  • To maintain our high levels of quality, we have a number of quality checks in place throughout the manufacturing process. Our rigorous Total Quality Manual acts as the standard for everything that occurs on our production floor.
  • Our in-house lab performs ongoing checks and reviews to ensure that our packaging products meet all relevant requirements and offer the best possible protection on the market.
  • We manufacture all of our own tools and dies.
  • We employ a highly trained staff of experts in our unique production processes, ensuring quick, efficient repairs and obviating the need to outsource repair and maintenance functions.

The Advantages of CUBITAINER®

CUBITAINER® offers unparalleled value, durability and performance when you need it most. It is easy to fill, handle, and empty, with complete evacuation. With hundreds of options across size, shape, accessories, assembly, post-production treatments and resin blends, CUBITAINER® is applicable to almost any liquid packaging need. Our inert LDPE and LLDPE resin blends are custom-formulated to ensure durability and long-lasting compatibility with a wide spectrum of materials. 

To learn more about CUBITAINER® and other durable liquid packaging solutions from HDZA, visit our products page today.

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Effectively Utilizing Recyclable Liquid Packaging Products

Posted by Hedwin on January 11, 2017

When you run a facility where liquid processing is part of your everyday routine, you want to ensure that your liquid packaging solutions are recyclable. Recyclability encompasses cost-effectiveness, as the need for expensive product replacement shrinks with the use of low-cost disposables in tandem with your semi-permanent containers.  Environmental friendliness ensues, since the durable container can be utilized more than once and your disposable is constructed of an easily-recycled material.

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TOPLINER®: Ideal for Two Components in One Container

Posted by Hedwin on December 20, 2016

Innovation is a staple of Hedwin Division of Zacros America (HDZA) products. Our expertise in sustainable packaging solutions enables us to serve industries ranging from pharmaceuticals to sanitation to disaster relief. And the list goes on.

The reason our Plastic Liner products are an excellent fit for so many industries is because they offer endless benefits in terms of cost savings, product protection and waste reduction. Furthermore, our products are designed to reduce environmental impact and accommodate the unique requirements of in-plant use. Our Plastic Liner products include:

Our TOPLINER® products allow for the shipment of two entirely distinct components in one container, allowing you to cut shipping costs and negative environmental impact from superfluous transportation.

Product Details: TOPLINER® Pail Divider

Designed for dependable support, TOPLINER® pail divider products are ideal for two materials that need to be shipped or stored together while remaining physically separate. With TOPLINER®, you can separate powders, liquids, pastes, or even solid objects from other contents of the same pail. Since this is done within a single container, you save on shipping, warehousing, and disposal costs, all while adding to the convenience of your end user. 

Each TOPLINER® product is made of a durable high-density polyethylene blend.  The divider has a molded lip which fits snugly and completely over the top chime of any standard pail, supporting it within. The TOPLINER® partitions your pail into a top and bottom section, providing a rigid polyethylene barrier between the two distinct compartments. TOPLINER® products can comfortably support about 15 pounds of weight, and a narrow profile allows for use of most pail lids while the divider is inserted into the pail.  

All TOPLINER® products are made from our own internally-produced sheeting to ensure the highest possible quality standards throughout every step of the manufacturing process. The entire patented process assures uniformity and strength. In fact, our field defect on this product line has been near zero for many years, so your confidence in the durability and usefulness of TOPLINER® products can be absolute.

Product Details: TOPLINER® Cradle

TOPLINER® products are available in two profiles: tray and cradle style.  Each profile is available in various sizes and dimensions for relevance in myriad applications. Tray style TOPLINER® products are flat-bottomed dividers which offer maximum versatility in terms of content separation. Essentially, a tray–style divider gives you a pail within a pail. You can put a liquid in the bottom and a bag of powder with an instruction sheet in the top, paint in the bottom and brushes on top, and so on. The possibilities are endless.   

Cradle-style TOPLINERS® are intended to assist with products stored in metal cans. With this expertly engineered design, a gallon can rest on its side, or a half-gallon can stand upright within the plastic divider. The cradle design secures the can, so there is no rolling around or shifting of weight; the can is held snugly in the top of the pail while other contents remain separate below. This profile is most often used by manufacturers of two-part epoxies and similar products where on-site mixing is necessitated by the chemical properties of components.

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Think our TOPLINER® products are the solution to your packaging needs? We'll gladly send you free samples to test out their effectiveness. Reach out to your customer service representative today.

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Our Product Philosophy: Serving Your Bottom Line, Promoting Sustainability

Posted by Hedwin on December 8, 2016

At the Hedwin Division of Zacros America, we focus not only on improving our customers’ bottom lines but also on promoting environmental consciousness. All of our products provide the highest-quality liquid packaging solutions available while ensuring sustainability.

We’ve created a matrix system to illustrate the environmental and cost benefits of our most popular product, the CUBITAINER®. If you’ve visited our site or looked through our product presentation, you’re probably familiar with the benefits of the CUBITAINER® — its durability, ease of use, cleanliness, and flexibility for any application. Below, we’ve outlined how these features not only benefit your bottom line but also help the environment.

Product Feature: Lighter in weight

Environmental Benefit: Less production, less energy to recycle.

Cost Benefit: Lower material costs, lower transportation costs. Lighter materials don’t require as much original material to produce. They also weigh less, allowing for easier and less expensive transportation.

Product Feature: Collapsible

Environmental Benefit: Less space in recycling facilities. By employing knocked-down CUBITAINERS®, your empty packaging can fit into one-eighth of the space you would normally use with pails. The flexible low-density polyethylene (LDPE) material allows for collapsibility since it’s less rigid than its high-density counterpart.

Cost Benefit: Lower storage costs, handling costs, and transport costs. Smaller products — or products that offer high space capacity but can collapse to take up less room — offer greater space for storage of other materials, and, like the lightweight feature, allow for less expensive transportation.

Product Feature: Disposable

Environmental Benefit: Obviates the need for harsh cleaning chemicals needed to reuse a container. This reduces the negative impact on the environment caused by container maintenance.

Cost Benefit: Lower product costs compared to replacing more permanent containers.

Product Feature: Closed-loop production

Environmental Benefit: Reduces reliance on virgin resin production. Environmental impact is greatly reduced when a company is able to recycle materials rather than exploit virgin resins. Recycling resin materials also allows for limited production, thereby further benefiting the environment.

Cost Benefit: Lower product costs, reduced risk of contamination. Contamination requires remedial maintenance, resulting in added costs and increased downtime.


Committed to quality and sustainability, we at Hedwin are proud of our legacy of expertise in liquid packaging solutions.

To see the entire matrix and learn more about the CUBITAINER®, download the product presentation today.

Download the Cubitainer Presentation

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Tips for Choosing the Right Plastic Liner

Posted by Hedwin on November 21, 2016

Any facility manager who prioritizes product protection, waste reduction, and cost-effectiveness understands the critical importance of selecting the plastic liner that can accomplish all of the above. Hedwin liners have the capacity to serve as an integral part of a shipping container, in-plant product storage system, or waste management method.

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Polyethylene: The Basics

Posted by Hedwin on November 10, 2016

A truly versatile polymer, polyethylene (PE) has an interesting history and an excellent track record in many applications. It is relatively easy to mass produce, easily modifiable, and widely recyclable. In fact, polyethylene is one of the most commonly used resins in the world.

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Pushing Beyond the Material Limits of LDPE

Posted by Hedwin on September 29, 2016

LDPE (low density polyethylene) is an extremely versatile material, lightweight, durable and fairly inert.  It is the material of choice for many popular packages.  According to the National Association of Container Distributors, about 75% of all polyethylene produced globally is LDPE.  Our proprietary blends of LDPE and/or sometimes LLDPE (linear low density polyethylene) in CUBITAINER® take advantage of these flexible material properties in every way possible. However, the resins used to manufacture Cubes® aren't compatible with every filling material.

To further expand the possibilities of packaging for LDPE, secondary material treatments create options for manufacturers who have requirements beyond the expectations of standard LDPE packaging. These treatments allow CUBITAINER® to work in some surprising places!

Customers in the industrial industries often choose a Fluorinated Cube® for enhanced chemical resistance. In this process, fluorine molecules are bonded to the inner and outer surfaces of the CUBITAINER®, to double-coat the Cube® and limit the effects of aggressive chemicals. The fluorine prevents permeation and degradation of the container itself. Such degradation can lead to lost or contaminated product, warped containers, damaged labelling, and leaks or emissions. It does not affect the recyclability, weight or longevity of the Cube®, either. We have seen greatest success with fluorinated CUBITAINER® in the adhesives industry.

Many of our food and beverage customers opt for additional PVDC (Saran) coating to prevent oxygen permeation and protect their flavors or fragrances. This PVDC coating can extend the shelf life by up to 10 times!  It leverages the best of the barrier properties of PVDC with the malleability of LDPE in forming the Cube®.  However, the coating can make the Cube® more brittle than LDPE in its normal state, so it's a good idea to enforce the CUBITAINER® with a double wall corrugate carton prior to shipping.

Buyers in the medical, reagent and biopharma space sometimes put CUBITAINER® through a gamma irradiation sterilization process to ensure utmost purity. CUBITAINER® is manufactured in a clean, low-particle environment. Our operators go through an air shower and wear protective "bunny suits" during production to reduce possibilities for outside contamination. We can also take steps such as double-bagging the stacks of CUBITAINERS® to minimize exposure to outside air.  However, this is not enough to meet some sterile requirements, and a secondary process becomes necessary. The secondary sterilization process is costly, but is the best assurance when stringent aseptic packaging requirements are in place.

We love finding solutions which take CUBITAINER® into new applications!

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The Legacy of Liners

Posted by Hedwin on September 6, 2016

Did you know that Hedwin actually invented drum and pail liners, and these innovative products are essentially still in the same formats?

US Patent 2748673 was issued in 1956 and patent 3027044 came along in 1962 for products which were eventually trademarked WINLINER®, HEDLINER® and PAYLINER® trademarks, manufacturing methods and products which are still in use today.

We are the liner experts! We prove it every day with the most reliable and durable liners in the industry.

Our field defect rate for all four brands of liner-PAYLINER® pail liners, HEDLINER® drum liners, WINLINER® round bottom bags, and TOPLINER® pail dividers-is well below 1%, and has been for years.  In fact, there have been no reported defects for WINLINER® or TOPLINER® in recent memory, and generally we see just one or fewer per year for HEDLINER® and PAYLINER®. Liners from HDZA are the safe bet.

Some of this comes from the longevity and expertise of our workforce. Recently, we had to shut down the WINLINER® department so most of the employees could attend our annual longevity luncheon - an event reserved for employees with more than 25 years of service!

We have been producing the best liners on the market for the last sixty years... and we look forward to continuing to serve the industry for the next sixty years!

Download the Cubitainer Presentation

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Cutting Costs and Saving Space with CUBITAINER®

Posted by Hedwin on August 16, 2016

How much warehouse space do you have? Is it at a premium? Most companies deal with space constraints on a regular basis. Often, packaging is a major culprit in overwhelming warehouse space. Empty packaging takes up a lot of space - and it's empty!

For common 5-gallon packages, a standard pallet holds about 64 blow-molded round tight-head pails or 108 stacked open-head pails. But storage of packaging prior to filling doesn't have to take up that much space!

Why? Because a standard pallet holds about 432 knocked-down CUBITAINERS®!

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